Why Kidpacity

Kidpacity’s parenting kits are built through experience, by trained therapeutic professionals.

Over the years, our team has worked one-on-one with countless children, helping them navigate through a complex and difficult world. What we’ve learned through these years of experience is that the difficulties children face are often quite similar and yet, time and time again, we meet parents who feel lost, frustrated and overwhelmed by their children’s struggles.

We knew we could change the lives of more children if we could simply reach more parents and arm them with the proper tools and techniques.

That’s why we created Kidpacity. The thinking was simple – if we could take the therapeutic principles that we know work and deliver them to parents with easy-to-follow instructions, we could help open the lines of communication and strengthen parent-child bonds in every home. Our parenting kits are uniquely, thoughtfully designed to help children open up about their daily struggles, and assist parents in instilling confidence and ensuring stability in their children’s lives.


Our mission is to support children and families as they face life’s challenges, by taking proven therapeutic practices and making them accessible to everyone

Why a Lion

The lion is the symbol of Kidpacity. Throughout childhood stories, we see images of the lion as cowardly and sheepish, or aggressive and angry. But as these fables and morals unfold, we learn that the lion is hiding something underneath the surface. The lion isn’t angry – he’s in pain. The lion isn’t cowardly – he’s shy. What we learn is that there are always factors just below the surface that influence the lion’s behaviour. Factors that weren’t obvious, or we couldn’t see. When we learn what the lion is going through, though, we’re able to see the truth behind the behaviour.

Kidpacity was created to help you find the truth behind your child’s behaviour. Before you begin working with your Kidpacity kit, you and your child should give your lion a name. As you work through the activities, your lion will guide you and be by your side. The lion will help you and your child find your bravery, overcome obstacles, and learn to talk and think through challenges together. So order your kit today, name your lion, and let’s get started.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder & Child Enablement Officer

Lesley has been providing counselling and therapy for over 15 years, specializing in helping children and their parents through life changes and challenges. As a registered art therapist, she has seen creative interventions vastly improve communication, helping both children and parents uncover their capacity for positive change. Through art, children develop skills, strengths and understanding, creating an effective path forward for healing and growth. Lesley provides art therapy and counselling services to children, youth and their families in private practice in Vancouver, Canada.


Co-Founder & Chief Purpose Officer

Aaren’s experience in the business world and his home life as a father combine to make him one of the driving forces behind Kidpacity. He has spent his 15-plus year career helping businesses better understand their customers, transforming traditional business challenges into customer-first solutions. As a father, Aaren has first-hand experience with the sometimes-helpless feelings that come along with parenting. His acumen for helping businesses solve their most pressing problems, and his desire to see his child thrive in a challenging world, come together in Kidpacity.