Build resiliency, strength and courage in your child.

Our parenting kits are professionally designed and curated with years of therapeutic insight and delivered directly to your door, so you can bring expert knowledge and proven resources into your home.  With step-by-step instructions, parenting guides, tools and activities, you’ll have exactly what you need for your child to thrive.

Chose the kit that’s right for your child and see the positive effects Kidpacity will have.

Bravery Box

Designed for: Anxiety, worry, fear

General anxiety and worries are some of the most common concerns for children. They are also one of the most difficult to understand, because they can take so many forms. Read more to see if the Bravery box is right for you.

Sweet Dreams Box

Designed for: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, bad sleep habits

Sleep is a vital part of the health and wellness of children. Without proper sleeping habits, children can have increased difficulty handling stress and emotions, can display troublesome behaviours like crankiness and hyperactivity, and can struggle to focus at school and think clearly at home. A lack of sleep can also affect a child’s growth and immune system, so it’s important to develop good habits early.

Two Homes Box

Designed for: Divorce or separation

The stress that stems from divorce or separation can affect each family member in profound and unique ways. It represents a significant upheaval for the adults involved. When there are children involved, it can be life-altering. TheTwo Homes Box can help.

Each Parenting Kit includes a 30+ page Parenting Guide with step by step instructions on how to use all the tools and activities. 

*Items in boxes might not be exactly as shown and may vary from kit to kit