What is Kidpacity?

Kidpacity’s mission is to support children and families as they face life’s challenges, by taking proven therapeutic practices and making them accessible to everyone. We’d love to tell you more about us here.

How does it work?

When your child is facing challenges, Kidpacity helps open the lines of communication with our thoughtfully designed parenting kits. On our product page, you can browse through our kits and identify the one that is right for your family. Each kit comes equipped with a parenting plan, and all of the materials and activities you need to help your child copy with anxiety, stress, or any other challenge they face.

What ages are the kits designed for?

Our kits are designed for age ranges 5–8 and 9–12.

How do I know which kit to order?

Childhood challenges can be expressed in a lot of different behaviours. Our kits are built to help you understand those behaviours, based on therapeutic principles. To find the right kit, start on our product page and read the descriptions of each one. When you find the description that accurately describes the behaviours or challenges that your child is expressing, that’s the kit for you.

How do I know the kits will help with my child’s challenges?

Our kits are designed with sound therapeutic principles, based on years of specialized experience as child therapists. While Kidpacity is not a substitute for professional intervention, our kits contain many of the same activities that your child would be given in a professional setting. Learn more about Kidpacity and our team here.

You don’t seem to have a kit for my child’s challenges. What do I do?

Our current range of kits are designed to cover the most frequent childhood challenges. However, we love hearing your feedback, and are constantly in development on new kits that will cover more therapeutic practices. Keep checking back.

What if my child doesn’t want to do the activities in the kit?

Kidpacity kits are meant to be a shared experience between parents and children. Each kit comes with a parenting guide booklet that will help give the activities structure and purpose, and ultimately help you understand your child’s behaviour. Use these guides, and revisit the activities as often as you can to further the connection with your child.

Is my information and order history confidential?

All information you give to Kidpacity is kept private and confidential.

Can I re-use the activities in the kit?

Yes, each kit is designed to be re-used as many times as you need or want. You can also purchase additional kits from our product page, or subscribe to our quarterly activity kits when they become available.


How much does shipping cost?

Kidpacity offers FREE shipping throughout North America!  If you are outside North America ask us how we can ship your Parenting Kit straight to your door, we want to help!

When is my kit coming?

Our kits usually ship within 1-2 business days and usually arrive between 7-10 business days.

My kit was damaged during shipping. What do I do?

Please contact our customer service line, and we will send out replacement products for anything that was damaged during shipping.

Can I return or exchange a box?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the proprietary nature of the materials in the kit, we cannot accept returns or issue exchanges.