Childhood challenges.
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The world can be a stressful place for kids. When your child faces adversity, everyone expects you to have the answers. It’s ok if you don’t. We know parenting can be overwhelming. Kidpacity is here to help. Our thoughtfully designed parenting kits give you the tools to guide your child through life’s challenges.


Why Kidpacity works


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Every child is different, but many of the challenges they face growing up are the same. And their feelings can be demonstrated in a lot of different ways. It can cause temper tantrums, emotional outbursts, fear, sadness and anxiety. It can create extreme changes in behaviour, like being unable to sleep alone, or refusing to go to school.

Kidpacity is here to ease the pressure that most parents put on themselves. You will know what to do and you will know how to help.

Two Homes Box

Designed for: Divorce or separation

Bravery Box

Designed for: Anxiety, worry, fear

Sweet Dreams Box

Designed for: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, bad sleep habits

When my daughter started kindergarten we had a hard time at drop off. She cried every day, Zoe is our second child and I knew we were going to have some drop off issues. But I thought we could figure it out. I was wrong! What Zoe had was “separation anxiety”. Once I read the plan I honestly thought this was never going to work. But I needed to help my daughter. I can’t believe what I have learned, it worked!

Now we have a very happy child excited to go to school. I’m very grateful.

Lindsay Mom