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Designed for: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, bad sleep habits

Sleep is a vital part of the health and wellness of children. Without proper sleeping habits, children can have increased difficulty handling stress and emotions, can display troublesome behaviours like crankiness and hyperactivity, and can struggle to focus at school and think clearly at home. A lack of sleep can also affect a child’s growth and immune system, so it’s important to develop good habits early.

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Sleeping is a skill, and it’s one we can help you develop. With the Sweet Dreams box, you’ll develop the skills to guide your child to:

  • Learn about the importance of sleep
  • Recognize and break bad sleep habits
  • Create routines that help with bedtime
  • Develop skills to help fall asleep, and fall back asleep
  • Learn to sleep in their own bed
  • Handle nightmares and other sleep disruptions

Along with a 30+ page Parenting Guide, the Sweet Dreams Box will help you and your child start each day more rested, confident, and prepared. Order now, and find out the difference a good night’s sleep can make for your child.



2 reviews for Sweet Dreams Box

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Evan Hopkins

    First night in and bedtime was as smooth as it has ever been. Opening the box as a family was fun and exploring what was inside was like a mini Christmas morning with our daughter indicating how she “loves everything”. Well thought out items with the BIG gem being the content and how to leverage it all.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My son was a great sleeper when he was a baby but around three years old he started coming into our room wanting to sleep with us and we loved the cuddles! Now three years later he’s not able to sleep on his own. When we ordered the sleep dream box, I was hopeful it would help and it has! My son is excited about his sleep routine and has learned how to sleep alone. We had so much fun creating his worry box and calming jar! Thank you Kidpacity for providing the tools and support we needed!! Bedtime is a great time now!

    “ sleeping/refreshed mom- Arianne “

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